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PRIVATE TRAINING_____________________

Skills training is at the heart of what we do. I believe that individual skill development can take you farther than just playing games. But, you do need both.
Your ability to dedicate time, be disciplined, and learn how to build skills on top of each other, helps create a dynamic foundation to be able to achieve all your goals on the court and off.

We specialize in shooting development. We believe that having a shooting foundation creates the confidence to be able to perform even when other skills aren't quite there. Developing a primary skill that is useful and coaches need leads to learning other areas of development.

We build from the ground up with drills we know provide excellent growth as an all around basketball player.

Contact us for more info and get evaluated for private training with Conley Sports.

Training Packages____________________________________________________________

We can do small groups or individual sessions

-Individual Private Training - $90 per hour 

-Package of 6 Training Sessions - $480 for 6 sessions

-Small Group Sessions(3 to 5 players) - $30 per player/hour



Conley Oliver has been coaching for over 25 years. He has coached in Oregon as well as the Conejo Valley. He is an all around great trainer dedicated to helping young people reach their goals in basketball.

He has helped numerous players accomplish that goal but it goes beyond basketball for him. He wants young people to have the confidence to accomplish all their life goals and believes learning to work hard, be dedicated and committed can help them achieve that and still have a ton of fun!

He has been at Agoura HS for the past 8 years and has 2 boys that are 10 and 12.

Coach Kerns has been a coach in the Conejo valley for years. He has worked as a coach at Agoura HS with Conley for the past 8 years and has been around even longer. Sending 2 of his own kids through youth basketball through high school, he has a strong desire to help kids get better and achieve their goals. 

He is committed to not only what it takes to succeed at the high school level but also to learn how to be young men as well.

Coach Feldman grew up in the Agoura area and played for Coach Oliver at Agoura. He now is a graduate assistant at Syracuse, where he graduated as a walk-on player.

One of the best shooters in Agoura history, he is a great student of the game and passes that knowledge on to his students. He helps them through film study and attention to detail you don't get very many places. 

He knows what it takes to get to the college level and hopes to have an impact on the lives of many kids over his career.

Coach Haasan played at Agoura and Moorpark College. He recently spent some time in Egypt where he is from working with his father. He has worked with Coach Conley and his training groups for a few years. He is very passionate and energetic. He wants to pass on all he has learned about the game with enthusiasm and energy that he always played with.

FEATURED APPAREL _______________________________________________

HD Sweatshirt - $55

HD Game Jerseys - $80

HD T-Shirt - $30